John Alkins was a "New-age" composer before the genre was even invented.

A composer and performer for more that 30 years, John's compositions are a deep expression of his personal landscape; the people, places and events that are part of the texture of his life. The power of his compositions is in their meditative quality - these are pieces that, while meant to be shared, are inherently personal. As such, they don't lend themselves to "group listening" but come off better in a concert setting or as a private listening experience. John's compositions and phrasing create a meditative state. Attentive listening will often find you looking at the clock, asking what happened to the last half-hour.

Want to be transported?

Not for everyone, but if you want a break from more frivolous stuff, "Alkins' Music" might just hit the spot.

Two full cuts are provided below.

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Ray Braziel
[ 128kbps mp3 - 4.7MB ]
"Piano Portraits" 2001 © John Alkins
[ 128kbps mp3 - 4.2MB ]
"Continuum" 2000 © John Alkins

Sacred Wood, 2001 - Available on CD.
Ocean Voices, 2001 - John Alkins & Harlan Mark Vale - Available on CD
Continuum, 2000 - Available on CD
Passages, (copyright date unknown) - Available on CD
Piano Portraits,1981, Remastered 2001 - Available on CD

Contact the artist via snail mail at: 3814 Sunset Beach Dr. SW, Olympia, WA 98502. Or by phone: (360) 866-4266.

BONUS CUT Sacred Wood John Alkins 128kbps - mp3, 3.6MB
BONUS CUT 500 Fathoms John Alkins & Harlan Mark Vale 128kbps - mp3, 8.7MB

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